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All In Cotto vs Martinez

In the clash of Cotto vs Martinez this Saturday at Madison Square Garden in New York City to say there is a definitive advantage one way or another would be fallacious. Any slight edge may be overstated in a bigger more grandiose scale of things separating these two pugilists. Between the categories of age, stance, power, experience level of competition etc none of these seem to matter when I try to break down and envision the texture to his fight Cotto vs Martinez.

Cotto vs Martinez: Who is the Best?

Miguel Cotto and Sergio Martinez are humble but ego has played a part in this one. Both are well respected world champions who both fight for the pride of their respective homelands. For Miguel Cotto he represents Puerto Rico a small island with a historic list of great Hall of Fame prize fighters from Tito Trinidad, Edwin Rosario, Wilfredo Benitez, Wilfredo Gomez, Carlos Ortiz, Sixto Escobar, Pedro Montanez, Kid Harwick, and Jose Torres. The list of champions from such a small island goes on and on.

In the opposing corner hails Sergio Martinez from Argentina who has undoubtedly recently observed the success of his countrymen Marcos Maidana and Lucas Matthyesse. The chronicled lists of superstar Argentinean fighters include Pascual Perez, Carlos Monzon, Santos Lacier, Juan Martin Coggi, Victor Galindez, Luis Firpo, and Nicolino Locche. Martinez without question when it’s all said and done will be on that list.

A fight the week of the Puerto Rican Day Parade is no new event to Miguel Cotto fighting on a familiar center stage under the big lights of the Garden the Mecca of sports in North America. Is that a somewhat home court edge for Cotto perhaps? Nonsense, Martinez is too much of a consummate pro to fall victim to crowd noise. Some would give a smidgen of an advantage to Martinez who has fought at Middleweight 160lbs (catch weight this fight is at 159lbs) comfortably for over four years now, and this being only Cotto’s second fight at this weight. They would also say that Martinez’s mobility will be the difference allowing him to stick and move from the outside and peppering Cotto in the center of the ring.

The counter argument to that is what about the knee issue? Will the mobility what has been key to the career of Martinez effect him Saturday night? Movement effects accuracy and accuracy is a key characteristic to the DNA of Sergio Martinez’s fight game. Others will ask did you see how invigorated Cotto looked under Freddie Roach against Delvin Rodriguez? The overwhelming reply for that is Delvin Rodriguez is no Sergio Martinez and vice versa no disrespect intended. For a fighter that started his career late Sergio Martinez has a knack for keeping fighters off balance and snatching their rhythm. Cotto has a reputation of a good all around tool kit with a wicked left hook to the body.

In their face off with Max Kellerman Sergio Martinez (51-2-2 28 kos) did not like being considered the b side of the fight. He called Cotto a “Diva”and he was serious about it when he said it. Martinez has something to prove not only to Cotto, but to the general boxing public that he is a highly regarded pay per view draw. No one can question his fight game. He has devoured guys in the ring like Paul Williams, Julio Cesar Chavez Jr., and Kelly Pavlik when some did not give him a chance. Some athletes relish in the moment to step into an arena with something to prove. Personally, I think this is when Sergio Martinez is at his best which may be the deciding storyline for this fight Cotto vs Martinez.

Miguel Cotto (38-4 31 kos) has always been soft spoken, honest, and modest. With a 74% knockout ratio you know he’s game. He has a huge following and a new outlook in his corner in head trainer Freddie Roach. Roach will unquestionably bring out the best in Cotto a fighter who has beaten Antonio Margarito, Ricardo Mayorga, Joshua Clottey, Shane Mosley, Zab Judah, and Pauli Malignaggi. There were also Carlos Maussa, Lovemour Ndou, Kelson Pinto, Randall Bailey, Chop Chop Corley, Muhammad Abdullaev, Ricardo Torres, Carlos Quintana, Alfonso Gomez, Yuri Foreman, and Delvin Rodriguez. His only losses have come to Floyd Mayweather, Manny Pacquaio, Antonio Margarito, and Austin Trout.


I cannot wait for this weekend. This is an intriguing fight none the least with two veteran Hall of Fame fighters. I can’t call it and I am not going to try. I will be watching as a true sweet science fan of the sport, and a fan of these two men stepping into the squared circle. Get your popcorn ready or whatever it is that you indulge in during a big fight because this Saturday night these made men in boxing will battle for supremacy and the WBC green strap Middleweight title. Cotto vs Martinez are both “All In.”

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