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New Interest In Baseball Bat

Learning tips on how to raise baseball bat speed can change an common ball player into a power hitter. Every player desires to be a energy hitter. Regardless of size, any player who has superior eye-hand coordination and makes contact on a constant basis can drive the ball deeper and tougher just by studying how you can boost bat speed.

Louisville has a lengthy and respected history in the baseball bat industry, but they’ve falling behind inside the composite segment of the market. They did not even make an try to fool us into believing they made any changes. They even changed the name of their second tier composite bat for the third year in a row without having changing anything concerning the bat.

This is extremely disappointing from what most look at the holy grail of baseball bat manufacturers. On a positive note they’ve adjusted their pricing policy to align the value (except for the EXO) to the material of the bat.

Here’s the breakdown of the Louisville line-up:

Louisville Composite Bats

TPX Triton – A 3-piece bat made with 100% composite material with Louisville’s stiff deal with and a balanced design. This bat has by far the largest barrel I’ve observed on a baseball bat. As I’ve stated within the past, it could be in Louisville’s ideal interest to either call this a multi-piece bat or stick to a true 1-piece design. Instead they continue to market it as a three-piece bat bonded together as a one-piece bat. I’ve hit with the Triton and seen high school kids use it in games and it appears to be a top quality bat, however it just hasn’t caught fire. You will hardly ever see it in a high school games and almost never in College. The retail cost remains at $399.99 for the Adult -3 model. If you like this bat you will save about $100 by picking up the 2009 model on the discount rack (and have a bat that looks good). I suggest the Easton Speed for experienced players who want a 100% composite bat.
TPX Dynasty Composite – This 100% 7C composite, one-piece bat has the Louisville stiff handle and also a balanced design. This bat will be the similar bat because the 2009 Omaha Comp and 2008 Catalyst. Louisville appears to be playing musical chairs with the name of this bat and decided the old Dynasty name would make sense for 2010. First, it has a fantastic value at $259 for the Adult -3 model. Second, it has a confirmed track record being a Catalyst/Omaha Comp. An fantastic choice for those searching for a lower priced composite bat.

Louisville Hybrid Bats

H2: The 2010 model will be the exact same bat as in 2009 but with one main difference, they’ve adjusted the cost to what a hybrid bat must be! Do you think in miracles? It’s a two piece bat that bonds the pieces together to make the claim that it is a one piece bat (we’ve already covered this). The barrel is a 100% ST+20 alloy barrel along with a balanced swing weight design. The Adult -3 model retails for $299 in 2010 $70 much less than its retail cost in 2009. You can also obtain the 2009 model for even less.
Exogrid: The EXO continues to chug along! It’s been 1 of Louisville’s best selling bats and also the 2010 model is identical to the 2008 and 2009 models. Clearly their going to milk this golden goose for as extended as probable because it continues to retail for an amazing $369. Don’t get me wrong, it is a good bat but I just can’t recommend pulling the trigger at $369. If you love this bat locate the 2008 or 2009 model. It’s the very same bat and will price you a superior deal much less money. As mentioned no alter towards the design it is nonetheless a 1 piece, 100% alloy bat with some metal cut out of the deal with and replaced with composite material. It comes with Louisville’s stiff handle plus a balanced design. As mentioned earlier, most players on College teams who use Louisville bats swing the Exogrid.

Louisville Alloy Bats

Some years ago as just a little league parent I saw players who appeared to have overcome fear of the ball and had good mechanics, but just did not hit the ball hard. And it seemed that size didn’t matter. There’s a natural tendency to expect the larger players to hit the ball challenging and long. This is accurate if they make excellent get in touch with with the ball. What I identified awesome and enjoyable to watch were a number of the smaller players who could definitely drive the ball with some consistency. I recall at the least one father asking right after the game, “I don’t know who your boy’s hitting coach is, but I’d confident like to have his name and number.”

I like watching travel ball and high school baseball. This is where all the small league coaching can come together and create some really good players. At this level the players who draw essentially the most attention from coaches and scouts are people who consistently drive the ball hard. (Of course, if you are throwing an 80 plus mph rapidly ball you’ll draw attention.)

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